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Caswell Plating and Eastwood each offer kits.


How To?

This page provides a simple rundown of how to do some zinc plating. The basic "recipe" is:

  • Fill the container about half way with vinegar (vinegar is mild acetic acid).
  • Put the zinc anode into vinegar and let it sit for several hours, allowing some of the zinc to dissolve.
  • Add 100 g/l of Epsom Salts to increase conductivity
  • Add 120 g/l of table sugar as a "brightener"
  • Connect one flashlight battery (1-1/2 volts) to the penny and the zinc anode
  • Place anode and penny into the solution. Don't let them touch each other.

Penny should be coated within a few minutes.


Where to buy zinc?

  • has 3"x3"x0.5" plates for $8.95, and 3"x6"x0.5" plates for $10.82.