Paint and Surfaces

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Precision Valve "Preval" paint sprayer can be used to apply automotive paints.

Non-painted Surfaces

Black Plastic

This post mentions Trim Black or Trim Paint, sold by NAPA, which is actually a dye rather than a paint. It also mentions VHT Vinyl Dye.


VIN Tag Removal

This post on describes the "u drive screws" (or Screw Nails, or round-head Type U drive screws) that are used to hold Honda VIN plates on. They look like a rivet, but actually have threads and are hammered into place.

The described #0 1/4" long, 0.075" diameter screws can be found on McMaster Carr as 90081A055 (zinc-plated, $4.11) or 91654A055 (18-8 stainless, $4.46).