Fuel System

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OEM Japanese Fuel Hose

Kitaco "Red Stripe"

Honda seems to use the "red stripe" fuel line. This can be found at Sudco's site. According to Sudco's site, it's made by Kitaco (likely a shortening of Kita and Company) in Japan. It's available in 3.5mm, 5.5mm, 7.5mm, and 8.0mm inside diameters.


McMaster offers Buna-N Nitrile hose.

  • 5235K48 5/16 I.D., 1/16" wall thickness, $0.52 per foot, available in 25 or 50 foot lengths.


Sizes are generally given in terms of:

Tank Outlet Size

Most Hondas I've seen use 3/8" NPT outlets on their tanks. Some bikes use custom adapter plates. Later Honda CB750's use what appear to be Harley-Davidson style, 7/8" (22mm) outlets.

Tank Capping

3/8" NPT Brass Cap

Most gas tanks can easily be capped (for de-rusting, Kreem coating, etc) using a simple, 3/8" brass NPT cap (note: not a plug, which is male-threaded). These are available at most hardware stores or from McMaster.

Fuel Hose Size

Honda fuel line seems to always be 8mm inside diameter (just over 5/16", which is 7.9375").

Quick Disconnects


CPC - Colder Products Company makes plastic quick-disconnect fittings with auto shut-off valves to prevent spillage. These have been known to fail on BMW motorcycles.


Jiffy-tite makes quick-disconnect fittings with auto shut-off valves. They use stainless steel ball bearings, a variety of seal compositions, and black and gold aluminum housings.