Chain and Sprockets

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DID makes a variety of chains.

  • X-Ring ERV "Exclusive Racing ER X-Ring"
    • 520ERV3, 525ERV, 50ERV (530)
    • "world's lowest friction chain"
    • "D.I.D. ER chain is designed exclusively for motorcycle racing." (from specs)
  • X-Ring VM "Premium X-Ring VM"
    • 428VM, 520VM, 525VM, 50VM (530), 532ZLV
    • "VM Series Chains have superior strength to withstand the tremendous horsepower of current high performance motorcycles." (from specs)
  • X-Ring ZVM "Super Street X^2 Ring"
    • 520ZVM2, 525ZVM2, 50ZVM2 (530)
    • seems to offer greatest wear resistance.
      • "The new X-Ring retains all the low friction, high performance characteristics of the standard X-Ring while providing a significant increase in Wear Resistance and overall life of the chain."
      • "Super Street Chains are the strongest, longest wearing high-performance drive chains available." (from [ specs)




I have found "DuPont Teflon Silicone Lubricant NSF H-2" (DuPont brochure) to be an excellent chain lubricant ($6.29 from

Automatic Chain Oilers



  • Scottoiler
  • Loobman
    • I personally used a Loobman on a couple of motorcycles for many thousands of miles. It's a cheap, effective system. The only problem I had was that after several years, the vinyl hose shrunk and the assembly began to fall apart.